What can I say? I’m 43, female, short (5’1″ or 1.56 mts), and on the padded side of the scale. I like listening to music, taking photos of my pets (well Brad is my Mother’s), watching the Discovery Channel, History Channel, NatGeo, and Animal Planet on TV. I also watch the news, but franky there’s so much violence there that it gets tiring. I also love to read and write. In the beginning before the Internet I used to read books like most people. Now I am addicted to reading fanfiction, and writing it as well.

What began the fanfiction reading was the anime Blue Seed, then Evangelion, Inuyasha, and Rurouni Kenshin (known in some places as Samurai X). Those are the anime fandoms I used to read. Then I discovered there was Star Wars fanfiction, of which I’m a fan since the first movie came out. I’ve also read X-Files fanfiction back before Fanfiction.Net existed. Then I discovered the huge fandom that is Harry Potter, and I have yet to tire even after more than four years.

I also started writing Inuyasha and Harry Potter fanfiction. Some of what I have writen can be found in my other blog, Animealam’s Writing Corner.

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