The need to rant is great after trying to use Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Custom Fields in Word Press.

As they said, it looked too good to be true.

I spent nearly the whole weekend and then some more trying to get the [insert swear words of choice] things to work. I googled my fingers, my eyes, and very nearly my poor brain off. The gazillion tutorials available all made it seem so simple, but nooooooo it’s a nightmare.

I have a basic understanding of PHP programming, mind you VERY basic, but I did manage to code the Custom Posts and Custom Taxonomies without a plugin, and with one as well. The problem arises when you want to SEE the things on you page or post. I could not find a clear reference of exactly WHERE in the world does one have to put the code. I tried it just about every where, but it’s not showing at all.

The real problems arose when using their default theme. Twenty Ten. It’s not bad, not quite what I want, but can live with the thing for the purpose of testing. Personally I wanted to use Arclite (love that theme). I modified as explained everywhere the single.php file. Nothing came out of that. So I made my Custom Post Type single.php (singe-posted-stories, and single-posted_stories) no luck either.

I then went over the code, and surprise! It call’s a template called loop.php. Went over there and my mind boggled. Where am I supposed to add my code????? None of the tutorials tell you you have to go there if you want to show your Custom Post Types in a loop, because the loop does not work even if you add one into a page template.

I’m so discouraged. This was just what I needed for three sites I was planning. One for Jan’s list of fics, one for my own list (this would have included slash fics) and one to keep track of my stories. The later would have been personal and in place of trying a wiki.

I did get MediaWiki working and it’s rather nice to keep everything organized, and even write on line. But MediWiki markup is off putting, and I the wyswyg extensions froze the thing. Still, I guess this seems to be my only choice at the moment for my writing needs, unless I can get WordPress working.

I’m a rather stubborn person (my family would say that’s an understatement) so I will keep trying. I really want to get Jan’s list revamped like I said I would so loooong ago.

So I’m off to get as many PHP tutorials as I can in hopes that I can make more sense of the WordPress codex. At least I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Not all of us are crackshot programmers.

I’ll be posting links to those tutorials I found useful for WordPress and PHP.