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For a while now I have been having problems with my WordPress installations. Iycorner.net, alandrem.net, and a couple more that were simply tests for my fic lists. The problem was that I didn’t have enough memory for the pllugins that I require for the sites.

Today I finally was able to solve the problem by checking the forums for surpasshosting which is the host where my sites are. The problem was actually relatively simple for most things. I just had to copy a new php.ini file to each of the folders where I had wordpress. The tests sites are now working well, only iycorner is still having problems, but I suspect it has more to do with the way it was originally installed and the first update I did. It messed up Fantastico quite a bit, so it does not recognize that install as having been updated at all.
Thing is, the admin pages of iycorner take ages to load, and I have yet to get all the plugins I wanted working. So I decided to just wipe out the installation running there. After a backup of all the stuff I have of course. Then I will re-install the to the latest version of WordPress, add the plugins I need and then import the backup I made. It should also solve the problem I had with the links. I initially uploaded the links I had from delicious, and it was a terrible mess. I have way too many links there (over 900 as of yesterday) and the plugin I used imported everything even when I only wanted those links related to fanfiction. Needless to say whenever I accessed the link admin panel the site crashed. I had to delete all of the links directly from the database, but things never were the same after that.
With the new install I’m hoping to correct that problem and perhaps take care of a few details that were causing problems. I’m probably going to work on it later today, hopefully the site will be running with no problem by tonight.