In response to some comments here ( about Present Time, I have to say that at the moment I have to put it on hold again. I was going to work on the re-write, of which I posted the first six chapters on Animealam’s Stories blog and LiveJournal.
Real life has gotten on the way of working on any of my stories for the moment. I have my elderly grandmother to take care of, and she requires constant attention as well as two people to move her on her bed. She is a very heavy woman, probably around 140 kilos (around 280 pounds) so at least two people must be around at all times. Her mind is also starting to fail, and most of the times refuses to eat or drink anything. This has us very worried, and the only thing we can see that might be positive on the whole thing is that she’ll loose some weight making it easier to move her when needed.
To add to the problem my mother just caught pneumonia, and she has always been an hyperactive woman unable to stay still for long. So I have to divide my time between my grandma, and making sure my mother is not doing anything but resting. Not an easy thing, she gets bored and tired of resting. Hopefully my mother will get better soon, although she barely escaped ending hospitalized because of her illness.
There is little hope my grandma will get off the bed. She is 84 almost 85, and her age has caught up with her. But  I believe I will be able to start working on my stories once I have adapted to the situation. We’ve hired a couple of nurses to help, and with any luck the muses will make a come back and I can find the time and will to write again.

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