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It’s been quite a while since I posted in this blog, as I really lost interest in blogging. But with the new year I’ve decided to start again with the posts.

I did publish something in Animealam’s Writing Corner, couple of stories, one of them with nine chapters. But’s it’s not been much, and I often wonder if anyone ever reads them. Still, I decided to update everything and start paying attention the blogs again.

In Animealam’s Writing Corner case, it has to undergo mayor work. Something is wrong with the WordPress there, so much so, that no matter which blogging app I use (on the iMac, and the iPad) I can’t even see the posts, much less blog from there.

I’ll be working on a separate installation, and moving everything from the old blog to the new one, then delete the old one. The new blog will have a much simpler theme in hopes of making it more efficient, and easier to work with. At the moment I’m experimenting with the BirdTIPS theme, and so far it’s ok, we’ll see what works.

I’m also starting to work with the WP plugin PODS for Animealam’s Writing Corner, The Vault, and Jan’s site. There is still much to do, but hopefully this year the sites will be fully operational.

I’m not sure what I will be posting here though, perhaps my experience with iPad apps, the apps for the Mac, and The Sims 3 stuff. I got rather addicted to since late October of last year. I mostly plan to use the Sims as a way to illustrate some of my stories.

This is all for now, I’ll probaly post something on the progress I’m making later in the week, or the next.

Terremoto en Chile/Earthquake

La verdad estoy impresionada con lo que les pasó a los chilenos este día. Un terremoto de esa magnitud no se ve muy seguido y la verdad cuando lei la noticia en el celular en la mañana no lo podia creer. Prendí la tele y solo podia ver las pocas imágenes que se tenían en el momento.
La información es más completa ahora, y me sorprende la enorme solidaridad y respeto de los paises que esperan a que los chilenos hagan un recuento de sus daños para saber que tipo de ayuda necesitan. También me sorprende como las estructuras chilenas soportaron de una mejor manera un terremoto de 8.8 grados cuando uno mucho menor (de 7.0) arrasó con Haiti. Inclusive el número de victimas no se compara con lo que tuvieron en la isla. Claro, aun falta mucho por hacer, y desgraciadamente estoy segura de que el número va a ser mayor, aunque probablemente no tan impresionante como el número de víctimas en Haiti.
Por lo que he escuchado y visto en las noticias los Chilenos están preparados para enfrentar cosas como este terremoto (bueno lo mas que se puede preparar para una cosa asi). Ya vivieron el terremoto de 1960 que fue de 9.5 y se dice es el de mas grande magnitud del que se tiene memoria.

I’m terribly shocked by what happened to Chile today. An earthquake of that magnitude is not frequently seen, and to be truthful when I read the SMS with the news this morning I could not believe it. I turned on the TV and could only stare at the images they were showing.

There is more information now, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the solidarity and respect of the other countries. They are waiting for Chile to have some idea of the damages they have and decide if and what type of help they need. I’m also very surprised by how the buildings withstood the damage of an 8.8 earthquake, when a 7.0 destroyed Haiti’s capital, and other cities. Even the number of victims cannot compare even though I believe it will get much higher. But it’s almost a certainty that it won’t be nearly as large as those they had in Haiti. From what I have been able to gather, Chile is well prepared for earthquakes since they have the record of the highest magnitude quake in history. The 1960 quake was 9.5

Este es uno de los videos de noticias en YouTube / This is one of the news videos on YouTube it’s in Spanish

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